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Instant loan online

Instant loan online

Do you need money urgently, but currently have no reserves to use? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many others feel the same way!

Financial bottlenecks arise, for example, when…

  • you have to settle (overdraft) loans to avoid high interest rates
  • you receive an unexpectedly high bill
  • expensive medical or veterinary treatment is necessary for yourself or your loved ones
  • your car, washing machine or house breaks down
  • you want to continue your education and need a certain amount of money for it etc.

You cannot and do not want to put up with long waiting times or complicated processes for taking out a loan. And you don’t have to! Because that’s what the instant loan from is for.


The most important tips for your instant loan

  1. educe the financial burden with unscheduled repayments

Unscheduled repayments can significantly reduce the cost of credit. If you ever have larger income, you can use unplanned repayment installments to pay off your debt faster and thereby reduce the interest costs. Our tip: Pay attention to the repayment modalities of the credit institution before taking out the loan.

  1. Agree on the possibility for installment breaks

With some banks, the installment payment can be suspended once a year without giving reasons after reviewing the previous loan repayment. This can give you additional financial freedom if needed.

  1. Choose a fixed interest rate!

Occasionally, instant loans are offered with variable interest rates. In this case, the interest rate and thus the monthly repayment installment adjusts to general market developments and may have a negative impact on your loan costs. Therefore, pay attention to a fixed interest rate, this gives you a better planning security.

Advantages of the instant loan at

  • Non-binding, free credit inquiry (100% credit neutral, i.e. without impact on your SCHUFA score)
  • Preliminary immediate commitment
  • Shortened and simplified process - at any time comfortably from home and at many banks 100% online possible
  • Secure - no data transfer to third parties
  • Free purpose of use
  • No hidden fees, no additional costs
  • Favorable - in part extremely low interest rates due to special conditions with our partner Finanzcheck

All credit inquiries made via are initially absolutely non-binding and free of charge. In addition, the credit comparison is always credit neutral, as each inquiry is treated as a credit condition inquiry. That is, your credit inquiry is stored for a short time, but has no effect on the SCHUFA score and is completely deleted again after 14 days.

After entering your personal data (income, expenses, etc.) in the credit calculator, you will receive an instant confirmation from various banks with concrete interest rate offers within seconds. Select your preferred bank and complete the application with a shortened and simplified process. Depending on the bank, this can even be done up to 100% digitally. This allows you a particularly fast loan disbursement!

also offers particularly favorable interest conditions in some cases, e.g. -0.4% APR at Fidor Bank* without hidden fees or additional costs. The purpose of the instant loan is basically freely selectable, the credit minimum is 500 dollar and the maximum 100,000 dollar.

You must meet these requirements


  • are of legal age
  • live in USA
  • have a US bank account
  • can prove a regular income
  • have a sufficiently good credit rating

Sufficiently good creditworthiness is assessed on the basis of your previous payment history and the amount of your disposable income. It gives the bank an indication of how likely you are to repay your loan installments on time and in full.

For whom our instant loan offer is not suitable

If you have a bad SCHUFA score, an instant loan with our banks is unfortunately not possible for you. With a negative SCHUFA, a loan would not only be risky for the banks. You as a borrower could also fall into the “debt trap”. A credit rejection therefore saves some people from private insolvency.

Our instant loan comparison in just 3 steps

  1. Instant credit

First, you enter the desired loan term, loan amount and optionally a purpose. Here you should keep in mind that the specification of a purpose may reduce the interest costs, as the bank can thereby better assess the risk. A shorter credit period means a shorter, but also a higher monthly burden for you in terms of repayment installments. Of course, this also reduces the interest costs.

Anonymously and free of charge, you will then receive the most favorable, non-binding loan offer from over 60 banks. You will be shown the APR and the monthly repayment rate of the instant loan. In contrast to the borrowing rate, the APR tells you the full cost of the loan. Thus, it is one of the most important comparison criteria for the selection of the appropriate credit institution.

Then enter the required data about yourself: Name, address, your marital status, information on your housing and income situation, data on existing contracts with credit institutions, etc. You can also name a second borrower (e.g. your partner), which usually increases the chances of acceptance by a credit institution and possibly reduces the costs. You will also be asked whether you would like to take out residual debt insurance. At the end of the comparison, information on the loan disbursement is still required: Disbursement date, account information, where the money should be transferred to, and whether to use the “Kontoblick” function for faster loan disbursement.


By clicking on the “Request offers” button, all banks will be requested and you will receive concrete loan offers with non-binding instant commitments from various banks. Attention: You have not received an instant commitment from one or more banks? Please note that the loan amount of an installment loan should not exceed your annual net income.

  1. Conclusion of contract

Select your favorite bank and then carefully read through all the detailed information on the respective offer. This way you can make sure that the conditions match your expectations.

Complete the requested documents and carry out the identity check (which must be carried out by law for every loan application) - either directly online or at a post office branch.

  1. Loan disbursement

You will receive the loan amount as quickly as possible - in the best case within one day - transferred to your account.

And another advantage of our instant loans: the terms and repayment options are extremely customer-friendly at our renowned online banks and often significantly better than at traditional branch banks.

So trust our positive reviews and compare our cheap instant loan offers now:

  • Absolutely without obligation
  • 100% credit neutral
  • Already from 0% effective annual interest rate
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